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Welcome to Oak Knoll Animal Hospital

Oak Knoll Animal Hospital has been a St. Louis Park landmark for more than 30 years. One thing that has remained constant during that time is the overwhelming spirit of compassionate care that's a part of everything we do. The medical staff at Oak Knoll is trained to practice the most current treatments available.. read more

Pet Wellness

Feline Leukemia

The Feline Leukemia (FeLV) vaccine is strongly recommended for all kittens up to one (1) year of age because of unknown future lifestyle and also for cats that go outdoors, have direct contact with cats or unknown status or that live in high turnover situations such as foster homes or other group housing and cats that live with cats infected with FeLV.  These cats should be vaccinated annually.  If you would like more information on FeLV, please contact us at 952-929-0074.  

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Written by:  Becky Josephs, DVM

Halloween is almost here, and many of us will be handing out candy to eager trick-or-treaters. Chocolate remains a favorite type of candy, and our pets, especially dogs, may be tempted to raid the candy bucket to get treats of their own. However, it is important to remember that chocolate of all types is toxic to pets.

The toxic components in chocolate are theobromine and caffeine. The amount of these substances in chocolate varies with the type of chocolate. Baking chocolate usually has the highest amounts, followed by semi-sweet and dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and lastly, white chocolate. Chocolate flavored cakes and cookies usually fall between milk and white chocolate in the amounts of theobromine and caffeine they contain.

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