We will provide high quality veterinary care through wellness exams, state-of-the- art diagnostics and progressive medical and surgical therapies. We are committed to maintaining a compassionate, knowledgeable, qualified staff and to increasing our clients' understanding of their pet's health.

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Oak Knoll Animal Hospital has been a St. Louis Park landmark for more than 30 years. One thing that has remained constant during that time is the overwhelming spirit of compassionate care that's a part of everything we do.

The medical staff at Oak Knoll is trained to practice the most current treatments available...

The Pet Wellness Center

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease in dogs and cats.  It is caused by a mosquito-borne parasite, called Dirofilaria Immitis.  Adult heartworms cause disease by invading blood vessels of the heart and lungs, causing mechanical obstruction and inflammation.  The female heartworm can produce millions of offspring, called microfilariae, in the bloodstream of the dog or cat. ..... 

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Online Pharmacy

For those clients wishing to order medications online, Oak Knoll Animal Hospital (OKAH) endorses the Veterinary Hospital Association’s (VHA) recommended online pharmacy, The VHA is a local organization which provides services for MN veterinary clinics. They have teamed up with VetSource for all your online pharmacy and home delivery needs.  VetSource is overseen by veterinarians, assuring a safe source of quality medications for your pet.